How does it work?
We will go through 4 activities. Each activity takes only a few minutes. The fourth activity is optional, but the most creative feedback will be rewarded an annual ‘‘All - Access Pass’’ to MasterClass. If you would like to join our Facebook Group to engage with other participants, just click 

First things first: Download and Test EDDY APP 

Don't be distracted by the "TestFlight" page. Just click on "Install TestFlight" and follow the instructions -  it takes less than a minute.

1. The Welcome Survey (approx. 5 min)

2. The Feedback Survey (approx. 7-8 min)

3. The Visual Survey (approx. 5 min)

4. Win the MASTER CASE!

Once again, thank you very much for your support. If you have any trouble during the process or any questions, you can reach out to us anytime at


Sonali & Shayan